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Opening Access Hatch / AOV Flat Roof Dome Rooflight Window
Opening Access Hatch / AOV Flat Roof Dome Rooflight WindowOpening Access Hatch / AOV Flat Roof Dome Rooflight WindowOpening Access Hatch / AOV Flat Roof Dome Rooflight WindowOpening Access Hatch / AOV Flat Roof Dome Rooflight Window

Opening Access Hatch / AOV Flat Roof Dome Rooflight Window

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Control Panel

Part Number:  1050mm x 1050mm



Product Overview

The rooflights are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed to give maximum weather protection and light transmission.

All rooflights are manufactured in accordance with harmonised European standard BS EN 1873:2005 and carry the CE mark.

Our rooflights are manufactured from UV protected polycarbonate in a choice of profiles such as domes and pyramids. Polycarbonate offers high impact resistance as well as a variety of glazing options in either clear, opal, diffused or bronze tinted.

Our range of rooflights are available in either single*, double or a triple skin construction. Double or triple skin rooflights help to increase thermal and noise insulation as well as reducing the possibility of condensation, this ultimately provides designers, architects and contractors with a wide range of design options.

For larger area expanses the Thermoformed Barrel Vaultwhich is a unique rooflight and is manufactured with interlocking 1 metre sections which facilitates site assembly.

Our polycarbonate rooflights can comply with L1 and L2 of building regulations and have been tested by the BRE for non-fragility. Along with our standard size range, non-standard sizes are available on request.

* not tested by BRE for non-fragility


Barrel Vaults

Interlocking sections of 1 metre from continuous runs with thermoformed roll joints. Domed ends vary to cope with non-modular lengths.


Polycarbonate (Solid Sheet)

UV protected polycarbonate glazing options; Clear, Diffused, Bronze and Opal


Glazing options

‘U’ Values

Triple Skinned - 1.8 Wm²/K As installed

(Additional laylight options available on request for increased thermal values)


Light Transmission (UV Absorbing)

Clear 87%      a high light transmission with minimum privacy.

PAG 86%       a high light transmission with a translucent appearance for additional privacy

Opal 50%         a low light transmission reducing glare and shadow with increased privacy.

Bronze 51%    a low light transmission as opal with the added benefit of reduced solar heat gain


Serviceable temperature

-50 to 120ºC



BS 476 pt3:2004 AA rating

BS 476 pt7:1997 class 1Y



3mm - 3.6kg/m² 4mm – 4.86kg/m²



Thermoplastic has a self-cleaning property; however, products can be cleaned if required by using a light detergent and a non-abrasive cloth. It is advised when cleaning any product that you should always assume that they may be fragile and you should never walk, stand or lay across them.



The window comes pre-fitted with the 800mm version of the Actuator to comply with the standards. However, customisation is possible upon request.



  • Rooflight Dome Window in selected size.
  • Preinstalled AOV Actuator*
  • Automatic Opening Vent Control Panel*
  • Backup Batteries*
(when Actuator + Control Panel option is selected)
PLEASE NOTE: The AOV Control Panel is connect to your Fire Alarm Panel using the FIRE TRIGGER RELAYS. In case where your Fire Alarm Panel doesn't have these relays or if you do not have a Fire Alarm Panel, please get in touch with us for further guidance.
Free Delivery within 75 mile radius, Please keep in mind this item could take 7-14 working days to be delivered.