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Disinfectant 99.9% Portable 5L Pressure Fogger Sprayer Set For Home Commercial Car Taxi etc

Disinfectant 99.9% Portable 5L Pressure Fogger Sprayer Set For Home Commercial Car Taxi etc

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Part Number:  disinfecting kit
Brand:  ADCB

Disinfectant Machine Portable Sprayer

The perfect Spraying Machine for Disinfection, Sterilization , and Insecticide!

Looking for a Machine that'll completely disinfect a large area within minutes?

Our exclusive offer was combined to provide a experience that leaves everything spotless and bacteria free at an affordable price

allowing people to disinfect their homes cars shops factories care homes and all other locations

New in packaging

Pressure Sprayers 5Ltr & 5L Disinfectant

Powerful pump action and pressure release valve

Shatterproof and frost-resistant

Includes variable jet brass nozzle for precise application

For easy spraying of water-based liquids including Disinfectant, lawn feed, fertiliser and weed killer

Long-reach stainless steel lance with adjustable nozzle and trigger lock

Comfortable adjustable shoulder strap plus combined carrying and pressurising handle

Reinforced semi-transparent pressure container with safety valve

Wide funnel-type opening for easy filling

The high-quality solution ensures everyone can clean, care and protect their Premises.

Plus, it contains 70%(C2H5OH) which is far higher than the 56.7% minimum recommended by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

The formulation of the Firechief destroys disease-causing agents and pathogens by breaking apart proteins and splitting cells into pieces to disarrange the cell's metabolism.

5-litre bottles are recommended everywhere from hospitals and care homes to shops and workplaces.

Where can spray disinfection be used?

Particular attention must be paid to areas in daily use, as well as to areas frequented by people who are or were already ill.

Locker Rooms, Bathrooms, (Sanitary facilities)

Office Spaces

Restaurants and food preparation areas

Education facilities

Public transport

Public amenities, entryways and public spacese

What can be disinfected?

Spraying technology allows a comprehensive surface coating with disinfectant subsequently the microbial presence of bacteria, fungi or viruses can be reduced.

Disinfectants in liquid form, which are at least limited virucidal, are suitable for application to surfaces by spraying.

Disinfectant types: Based on alcohol, aldehydes, biguanides, bisphenols, diamidines, peroxygens, phenolics, quaternary ammonium salts and halogen-releasing compounds.

For whom is spray disinfection suitable?

The Spraying of Disinfection solutions is commonly undertaking by the following groups:

Cleaning & Sanitation Providers

Health and Care Providers

Municipality Workers

Janitors, Commercial and Residential Facility Managers

Safety authorities: Military and Reservists