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Casio DT-X200 Rugged Mobile Computer Windows Embedded Compact 7

Casio DT-X200 Rugged Mobile Computer Windows Embedded Compact 7

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Part Number:  DT-X200
Brand:  Casio

The Casio DT-X200 is the successor to the DT-X8. The DTX-200 is IP67 dust and water proof and can withstand drops from 3 meters. The screen of the Casio DT-X200 models has a plastic touch panel over the LCD, improving the devices durability.

The DT-X200 is compliant with IP67 dust/splash-proof standards and can be operated in temperatures as low as -20C. Accordingly, the Casio DT-X200 can operate with confidence in harsh conditions including dusty areas, all weather situations and low-temperature warehouses. With a Blanview LCD, the Casio DT-X200 models feature a clear colour display that is highly visible both indoors and outdoors and boasts low power consumption.

The product includes an array of features for application in all industry sectors including IEEE 802.11b/g standard wireless LAN compatible with WPA2 security standards and Bluetooth Version 2.0 (Class 2). In terms of scanning, the DT-200-10E can scan 1D symbologies, while the DT-X200-20E can scan both 1D and 2D symbologies, providing users with options that meet their specific requirements.