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140 Automatic Smoke Fire AOV Roof Vent Actuator Window 1100x1100mm 24V DC

140 Automatic Smoke Fire AOV Roof Vent Actuator Window 1100x1100mm 24V DC

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Dimensions  1100mm x 1100mm

This automatic smoke exhaust vent is a 140 opening lid-type leaf designed with the primary function of evacuating smoke, fire fumes, and thermal energy from inside buildings to the outside, thus contributing to protection of life and property. It is available with a variety of lid options, including polycarbonate, acrylic and aluminium.

AOV - automatic opening vent for roof installations
NSHEV (Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators) conforms to EN 12101-2
140 opening lid-type
24vdc electromechanical actuator/control
All galvanised steel elements of skylights are coated with zinc for protection standard bases are
supplied with thermal insulation 20mm thick
Custom options
Dimensions - we can supply the Ostro to match your specific requirements
Alternate operators (pneumatic operator available)
Lid fill (Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Aluminium fill and domes)
The type and thickness of thermal insulation can be adjusted to individual requirements
Available with wind deflector

A builders work upstand is required to accommodate the roof hatch. You should build your upstand external
size to no more than 1280mm x 1280mm.

The required dimensions are:-
1100mm x 1100mm - Final Internal dimensions of cut-out hole in roof.
1280mm x 1280mm - External dimension of finished upstand.

Fill: Cellular polycarbonate 10 mm - with options up to 25 mm thick, with various light transmittance
values and heat transfer coefficients