Bosch Nursecall Wireless

The Bosch Nursecall focuses on Efficiency and Mobility whilst being a flexible, wireless call system

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  • Wireless NurseCall system means minimum  installation effort
  •  Cost-effective solution for the modernising/extending of existing call systems and for newly constructed buildings
  • Can be easily extended at any time
  • High reliability through periodic self tests

The assistance at the push of a button gives residents a feeling of safety and security.

Wireless alarms guarantee a high level of safety for 
patients and takes the burden off nursing staff. In case 
of a call, the alarm is shown either on the display of 
the NurseCall system, a DECT telephone or a pager. 
The source of the call is indicated by floor, room and bed. This requires minimal installation effort

It consists of a Wall transmitter for the resident or patients room and a portable transmitter such as a watch or a pendant as well a pull cord, push button and wireless smoke detector. Call forwarding can also be integrated this gives nursing staff complete freedom of movement  and make free internal phone calls as well as determining the type and origin of the alarm

Please note the above is a wireless nursecall system however a wired link must be installed 
between the master and slave receivers.
A radio survey will be required to ensure full coverage is provided to the building.


Nurse call Locator

  • A precise, wireless system to locate residents and patients 
  •  Individual, flexible and discreet
  •  Portable wrist transmitter The new NurseCall Locator wireless solution can be installed anywhere 


Dementia Alarm System

The dementia alarm system 
facilitates rapid, effective response 
and targeted assistance. 

This Product allows you to monitor Dementia Patients as they wear a watertight wrist transmitter. This Features a miniature radio transmitter as well as a receiver to monitor the patients position. If the patient leaves the specified area the watch sends a signal to the Nursecall main unit along with the user name, position and information content. This is also forwarded to the pager for nurses on-the-go.

There is also an alarm button which the patient can press which forwards his name, location and relevant information